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Betti Oliver DesignZ

Earrings - Gold Sparkle Celeste Earrings

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Celeste Earrings

Express yourself with this elegant set of Gold Sparkle Celeste Angel Wing Earrings 

Angel Wings symbolize peacefulness, serenity, and purity they are a beautiful token of faith which makes them, the perfect present for a special someone or a treasured gift for yourself.

Channel your inner energy with this charming, angelic set, which is handmade and created with affectionate elements from artist to you

The earring set allows you to wear them in style and pride, knowing the beauty of faith, and harmony is with you

These earrings are not suitable for small children.

Handmade with Love

Materials: Resin, shimmer reflect sequence, gold flakes, alloy frame

Angel Wing - 55cm
Length – 65mm drop
Width – 25mm